Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Race to The Bottom

Truth of the matter is that its easy to blog, and try proving yourselves to be great analysts of the changing dynamics of the country, especially since most of the blogs are a result of second hand information being served sizzling hot by our new-age media houses. In the cold war era, do not forget the pain that disintegration of USSR had to go through, and in great part orchestrated by the west (read US) uncomfortable with the unmanageable rise of the soviet union. We as a nation have to show sanity not to go that way however unbearable corruption is or stinking politics of the country. Ppl like Anna and the entire team might seem god-send to free the country of the clutches of corruption, but bear in mind, we must not be carried away by the force thats being created by this team, however compelling. Who in the world is gonna ensure that we remain an integrated country is far bigger a question than the whirlwind that this lokpal thingy is creating. The western developed economies would love to see strife, agitation, and all of that in emerging economies as part of their economic recovery plan.
Most important, terming aging souls like Anna kingkong or mickey mouse is just another form of extreme reaction. Bear in mind, while proponents of the Lokpal have been debating that this bill has been awaiting clearance for 40 yrs, but that still does not become reason to leave just 40 days to act on a bill. Its almost like you sit on it for 40 yrs, but the passage has to happen in 40 days. Not the question of patience. Its more to do with prudence, and ensuring that the nation is close on the heels of politicians whenever they are elected, following their work or lack of it, through the media or otherwise, and not feel elated by pushing those politicians on the backfoot, thinking that finally in this democracy, its "by the people", cos at the end of it, the entire country will be made to look stupid, integrated or disintegrated, only time will tell.