Thursday, 7 April 2011

Flavors of Fasting All The Way to Lokpal

Score : Anna Hazare c PEOPLE b GOVT at 72

Appears Anna Hazare and his supporters' "Fast-fest" is a big case of mis-guided optimism.
The poor man doesn't deserve to be in the line of fire and lead charge at this grand old age.
More than his fast unto death, the media is the noise maker here, much like it is in most hyped tamashaas. Media is terming it as the biggest revolution ever to happen since independence. Thats playing with the power of words to "bheja fry" a nation into believing crap bytes.
Sample this, minus the media out of this Fasting gimmick, and you'll see people going back to normal.
Strangely, there's also a feel good factor among the supporters here, unlike in other movements, where there is disappointment, and disgust writ large over the revolting class. And I believe, there's something to do with the economic well being of the country in general, and at the same time an envious mindset we're developing to the staggering sums we hear in scams and contracts. Almost gives many ambitious and/or greedy people in a high growth economy a sense of endless possibilities !!!!!
Point is, if the Lokpal bill was to be pushed to have an inclusive civilian involvement, which itself is not a big deal actually, we might as well have the new age media screw the govt in to submission, why bother dear old Anna Hazare ?
Create a strong civilian group with representation by media bigwigs and a few from the sporting world, some from the corporate world, amply supported by mass referendum via twitter/facebook/blog and get the govt's Lokpal version tweaked. Simple !!!
But its not as simple, cos the whole idea of thinking that an independent unbiased civilian element in the Lokpal is gonna change things for the better, think again. That most certainly will NOT be the case. The govts, bureaucrats, and set establishments have emerged from the society, and not fallen from the skies. Its people like you and me for heaven's sake !!
Bringing about a change in the form of Lokpal, thinking that it'll get a billion plus to fall in line is the height of foolishness.
Some moderates would say, "there has to be a start somewhere...we cant allow things to just slip out of hand !!", to which I'd say, getting order of the magnitude thats desired does not happen through a bill, but a mindset change. Till the mindset doesn't undergo change, there's nothing to stop even the appointed members constituting the Lokpal getting corrupted. Such if the effect of Power...
A case in point is our judiciary, which was created to be immune from such vice and evils has also fallen prey to this.
Now, how to get that mindset change is the moot point here, and there are several ways of getting that implemented, which I'll cover in another blog instance. Till then Happy Fasting !!!

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