Monday, 30 May 2011

The IPL Itch

Lets face's IPL was designed on the lines of the English premiership football, and the whole world knows the success of that sporting model.
I've been wondering for long now, why cricket figures so highly in the subcontinent. whereas its following is on steep decline in other big cricketing countries, including England, and there aren't too many countries keen on taking it up seriously to help populate that list. My guess is that the number of permutations and combinations that this otherwise slow sport throws up makes the detailing of those very complexities compelling to follow in the Indian subcontinent, cos otherwise the other more interesting bit, which is the result of any game is out only in 4 hrs in case of 20-20 and 8 hrs in case of one day, and 3-5 days in case of Test match cricket.
Subhash Chandra n' Kapil Dev in case of ICL, followed by Modis and BCCI in case of IPL have to be commended for creating a sports business model, purely playing on the country's passion for the game, and mixing it up with oodles of glamor to give it the much needed flavor for it to go the distance.
Country V/s the club seems like a stupid logic. No ones bound to play for one or the other. If it is injury or fatigue or anything else that keeps an established player away from playing for the nation, there are plenty of new players waiting in the wings to take their place, and thats again thanks to the IPL or the domestic league where they probably would've been spotted with their skill and talent. There were times when some established players used to cement their place in the national team to such an extent that an exciting young prospect would've started greying by the time he got the opportunity to represent the country. Things have changed, the sport itself has changed, and again, while there'll be people cribbing about the players, and the changing sport on the sidelines...the game must go on !!!

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