Sunday, 1 May 2011

Royal Austerity

While we all appeared to have immersed ourselves in this Royal Will-Kat wedding fanfare on the telly to find an escape from the not so Royal, mechanical lifestyles we're all so used to, wondering what it'd take to shed that overzealous fascination for all things British or western.
While this one was billed to be a Royal wedding conducted in austere times, there's nothing to deter the British royalty to splurge, and qualify as the most pampered monarchy on the globe, a shrunken invitee list notwithstanding.
Might sound as a spoiler after all that merriment, but as responsible emerging economies, our Govts could've perhaps sounded to our past colonial masters to apply a more frugal approach to their lifestyle, their monarchy included, especially in our very interconnected, and interwoven economies. "Mind your own business" is a reply that could be well anticipated in keeping with their hardened snobbery, but if emerging economies could be instructed to cut down on emissions and slow down on consumption, it's only fair to apply a reciprocal logic here.
Point is, while candy coated sweet-talk by heads of state from western countries is consumed with a fair degree of seriousness, it's time the emerging powers in the current world order give a piece of their mind, solicited or otherwise.
While, there's been enough commentary both on and off the telly on how Will and Kat looked resplendent in their sartorial elegance, not too sure if Kate will ever equal or fill the void that was brought about by Diana's demise. Comparisons with Diana were bound to happen, as the Brits would look for iconification of this new member of the royal family, and Kate will perhaps live up to it, and generate a huge following of her own in times ahead, but it might not have the same constituents and legacy that princess Diana left behind.

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