Thursday, 25 August 2011

Force Feeding a Govt. into Discussing

While there have been several anti-corruption campaigns and crusades in the past, what sets this apart from the rest is the sheer practical nature of the demands that've been put across, even though unconstitutional it might sound to the parliamentarians, but its never been said that the constitution itself cannot be amended, cos its "people first" in any democracy.
Anna as the cynosure of this demonstration stands out to the extent that he sure is reverberating with his thunderous slogans plucked straight from the bygone freedom struggle. Its my view, whats driving him is the vicarious thrills of reliving the joy of sacrificing by the great freedom fighters; the likes of Gandhi, Bhagat Singh etc. The fact that much of his inspiration and ideologies are Gandhian is a no brainer. Although Anna's role in the freedom struggle does not match the leagues of the big names, he sure wouldn't mind replicating the feat of the great freedom fighters. He aptly names it the second freedom struggle, to get that adrenalin flowing and thrills unlimited.
People might think its crazy that he's doing it for the thrills of sacrificing, but such is the nature of the feeling that one goes through when one is itching to be counted in the league of people who've made major sacrifices for the country, especially for someone who's seen the freedom struggle from such close quarters.
That apart, whether the govt accepts the bill, rejects the bill, or tweaks it, it is important not to brand the current govt. worthless, to the extent of giving the opposition parties an upper hand. Remember, no one is clean here. Its important to let the bill find its way till it becomes law, and hopefully, bring this same govt. back to power in the next general elections, to experiment the Lokpal on them like guinea pigs, and ensure the opposition too learns a lesson or two from this, and works harder and better to show its importance and worth to the people of this country. It has to be emphasized that for any democracy to work well, a strong and smart opposition is a must.
While the congress led UPA is being criticized of its handling and bungling, its actually not too bad that in such delicate matters the govt shows a bit of silliness or foolishness, cos making rigid and forceful decisions to show conviction and control can backfire, which they perhaps realized to some extent during Baba Ramdev's rally, to a greater extent on arresting Anna, and completely sealing it with their spokesman Manish Tiwari resorting to painting Anna black with concocted stories at a press conference.
Being indecisive and looking foolish is a better option here for the govt., as facing the wrath of the people would be the last thing on any govt's mind.

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