Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Mayawati vs Assange - A contest I'd love to watch

Would Assange have ever dreamt of being on a collision course with Behenji; perhaps never, but it did happen a few days ago, and I'm mighty impressed with the swift response by the UP Chief Minister in her chaste Hindi addressing a press conference, letting her position known to all.
Would love to see both of them sharing the same dais, and contest the issue, and the validity of the claims, to put to rest genuineness of all that wikileaks puts out, and the levels of fabrication of their claims.
Weather or not she actually sent an official plane to get get herself choicest footwear or not is not something I don't wish to debate, cos she belongs to a league of CMs that have enabled an environment of some very visible and tangible changes atleast in western UP. The fact that, as a govt in power, you need to deal with babugiri, buffoons of all varieties, coarse and very rigid minds, Mayawati has been instrumental in many a change that the state has witnessed during her leadership tenure. Democracy, freedom of speech, and listening to everybody is OK in theory and practice, so far as you're able to take a lead in making steady, and authoritative decisions, to make things happen, instead of being cornered each time by opposition politics that ruling governments have to deal with constantly.
Despite the odds, the lady has surely led well, and while there might be plenty of Grey areas, one has to underplay that to some extent in the final analysis of the individual's overall performance report.
Leaders of Mayawati's pedigree could be key players when it comes to forming global perceptions of foreign policy positions, where some of our english speaking sophisticated politicians have been a let down all along, and only believed in playing west-centric appeasement politics; in the process, they have proved themselves to be very insignificant global leaders. The elusive success at being included as permanent members in the elite UN Security Council is a case in point, and I wonder if the diplomats and leaders know really how to stamp their authority and play the diplomatic global power politics of leading from the front when it matters the most.

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